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*Note: The dates after Rev. C. Howard McCloy are unknown.*

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Rev. Melissa Rae Snyder

Rev. Melissa Rae Snyder

October 2013 -- July 2021
Jason Sommerfeld
Jason Sommerfeld
Frequent Guest Speaker
December 2012 -- September 2013

Rev. Edward Arbogast Jr.
September 2010 -- November 2012
Reverand Dr. Walter McNutt
Interim 2009 -- 2010
Rev. Michael Malone
2005 -- 2009
Rev. John Matsko
Interim 2004 -- 2005
Rev. Vernon Bowers
Interim 1998
(3 months during Paul Ragle's sabbatical)
 Rev. Paul Ragle
1993 --2004
Reverand Dr. Larry Grimes
Interim 1992 --1993

Rev. Robert Brooks
1981 -- 1992

Rev. Jerry Pardoe
Rev. Jerry Pardoe
Interim 1980 --1981
 Rev. C. Howard McCloy
1976 -- 1980
Second Term

Rev. Dean Sparks

Rev. Alexander Haines
Rev. George Massay
Rev. V.K. Vose
Rev. Raymond Wreath
Rev. Lester Snell
Rev. C. Howard McCloy
First Term
Rev. Fred Fink
Rev. Kitchen
Rev. Percy Davis
Rev. Simms
Rev. Wharton
Rev. Huffner
Rev. M.S. Blair
(Betty Sager's grandfather)
Rev. J.M. Canfield
Rev. C.C. Clingman
Rev. William Long
Rev. J.W. Zachery
Rev. James Bell
First Official Regular Minister
Evangelist Benedict
Held church services along the banks of the Youghiogheny River near Layton.